Want to make cool projects with our own sounds? With Foxonix you can:

  • Make super awesome toys and games and include whatever speech, music, and sounds you want
  • Make totally rad robots, art projects, and interactive displays with your own speech, music, and sounds
  • Store up to three minutes of good quality audio
  • Connect LEDs, motors, and other output devices
  • Trigger your projects with buttons, switches, motion detectors, IR, or other sensors
  • Synchronize outputs (like motors and LEDs) directly from markers in your audio files
  • Trigger events in the program directly from markers in your audio files

Use our development board to write and test your program. When it's ready, plug our tiny Project Board into the
programming connector which (conveniently!) loads your code directly onto the Project Board.

Project Board Programming


Now your code and audio lives on the Project Board which becomes the heart of your project. You just need two or three batteries and a speaker (or speaker jack). And Project Boards are cheap! Only $15. Wow!


Learn more about the hardware, read about getting started, or check out the online shop.

Foxonix was created to help everyone and anyone make great projects with
their own custom sound content. It's designed around a microcontroller/audio
chip, so it works on its own as a complete solution, but it also works great
alongside other hardware platforms. It's easy to program and easy to use.

Foxonix is designed in Brooklyn and assembled in the USA, and as much as
possible we source our parts and components from US distributors.