Fox Interface Board

The Fox Interface Board has 12 buttons and 4 LEDs and plugs directly into the I/O sockets on the Fox Development Board. Why is this handy and awesome? Because it instantly wires up a bunch of buttons and LEDs for you so that you don't have to do it manually. This board includes long pin headers so that you still have access to all the I/O pins on the Fox Board.

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Fox Interface Schematic Rev. A

The Fox Interface Board is powered through the two 2-pin headers. 3.3V is supplied to the Interface Board when it is plugged into the Fox Board.


Buttons P1.0 - P1.3 Connected to Port 1 I/O pins P1.0 - P1.3
Buttons P2.0 - P2.3 Connected to Port 2 I/O pins P2.0 - P2.3
Buttons P6.0 - P6.3 Connected to Port 6 I/O pins P6.0 - P6.3
LEDs P3.0 - P3.3 Connected to Port 3 I/O pins P3.0 - P3.3
Board Dimensions 2.30 in. x 1.70 in.