Arduino Shield

The Foxonix Arduino Shield allows for easy interfacing between a Foxonix Project Board and an Arduino (Duemilanove, Uno, Leonardo). The shield plugs into the Arduino, and a programmed Foxonix Project Board plugs into the shield. There are four LEDs connected to port P3 from the Project Board. It has extra pads for 5V and GND, along with extra unconnected pads for a small prototyping area. The shield includes long pin headers so that you still have access to all the I/O pins on the Arduino.

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Foxonix Arduino Shield Schematic Rev. A

Power is supplied to the shield and the Project Board from the Arduino's 5V power supply. 3.3V is also available from the Arduino through the power header.


VIN Not Used
GND Ground from the Arduino
GND Ground from the Arduino
5V 5V Power from the Arduino
3V3 Not Used
RST Arduino Reset
IOREF Not Used
Analog In 0 - 5 Not Used
P1.0 Arduino Digital Pin 0
P1.1 Arduino Digital Pin 1
P1.2 Arduino Digital Pin 2
P1.3 Arduino Digital Pin 3
P2.0 Arduino Digital Pin 4
P2.1 Arduino Digital Pin 5
P2.2 Arduino Digital Pin 6
P2.3 Arduino Digital Pin 7
P6.0 Arduino Digital Pin 8
P6.1 Arduino Digital Pin 9
P6.2 Arduino Digital Pin 10
P6.3 Arduino Digital Pin 11
PWM PWM Audio Output from Project Board
SPK1 DAC Audio Output from Project Board
Board Dimensions 2.00 in. x 2.10 in.

Rev A: The silkscreen for Arduino pin 13 is missing on the PCB, which results in the silkscreen for GND and AREF being in the wrong location. On P2, pin 6 is Arduino pin 13, pin 7 is GND, and pin 8 is AREF.