Project Board

21K Project Board

The Foxonix 21K Project Board is a stand-alone board small enough to be put into your creations. It uses the same chips as the Fox Board, so the same programs can be loaded onto the Project Board. Simply plug the Project Board into the programming socket on the Fox Development Board and load up the code.

There are 16 I/O pins which can be configured in any combination of Inputs and Outputs. Four of these pins can be used for PWM functions.

It includes enough flash memory to store almost three minutes of good quality audio.

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Microcontroller Sonix SNC21000
Clock Speed 2 MHz
Input Voltage (min - max) 3.0V - 5.5V
Digital I/O 16
PWM I/O 4 of 16 (Port P3)
I/O Drive Current (P1, P2, P3.0, P3.1, P6) 4 mA
I/O Drive Current (P3.2, P3.3) 6 mA
I/O Sink Current (P1, P2, P3.0, P3.1, P6) 8 mA
I/O Sink Current (P3.2, P3.3) 16 mA
Registers (4-bit) 16
Flash Memory 16 Mbit
Board Dimensions 1.30 in. x 1.30 in.

The Project Board schematic is essentially a subset of the Fox Board schematic. See page 2 of the Fox Board schematic.
Fox Board Schematic Rev. A


The Project Board can be powered with 3.0V - 5.5V. This makes it perfect for powering with two or three batteries.


VCC Power (3.0V - 5.5V)
GND Ground
P1.0 - P1.3 Port 1 I/O pins
P2.0 - P2.3 Port 2 I/O pins
P3.0 - P3.3 Port 3 I/O pins
P4.0 - P4.3 Port 4 I/O pins (NOT USED)
P5.0 - P5.3 Port 5 I/O pins (NOT USED)
P6.0 - P6.3 Port 6 I/O pins
PWM SPK Speaker Output for PWM Audio
DAC SPK1 Speaker Output for DAC Audio
S1 Reset
OSC Oscillator Resistor (180kΩ)