Getting Started

How it Works: To being using Foxonix, you will need the Fox Development Board. This board plugs into your computer through a USB cable with a mini B connector (the same cable that most digital cameras use). On your computer, you use the Code Editor to write programs and "compile" the program into a binary file that can be uploaded to the Fox board. Once you have your binary file, you use the Hardware Programmer to load the code onto the Fox Board.

If you are using a Mac, please see Notes for Mac Users.

STEP1: Download The Complete Software Bundle.
After downloading the ZIP file, unzip it wherever you like to keep your program files. Once it's unzipped, you'll see that there are three folders:

  • \Foxonix\Fox Programmer, which contains the hardware programmer and drivers
  • \Foxonix\Sample Programs, which contains the sample programs
  • \Sonix, which contains the code editor

Connect the Fox Board to your computer and install the drivers according to the instructions in the Getting Started Guide.

Open the Fox Hardware Programmer and load a sample program (also detailed in the Getting Started Guide).