Program Structure

A typical Foxonix EZ program is made up of the following sections, with required sections shown in bold type and optional segments shown in normal type. Refer to the SAMPLE PROGRAMS for further clarification.

; This is where you declare the device size you want to use. Larger devices hold more audio,
; but generate larger programs and take longer to upload to the board.

; This is where you specify the number of pins to be used as inputs.

; All audio files referenced in the program must be listed in this section.

; If needed, random variables can be defined in this section.

; Input states define which paths (functions) get called when a particular input is triggered.
; The various input states are defined in this section.

; Output states define how the various outputs (LEDs, motors, etc.) get turned on and off.
; The various output states are defined in this section.

; Paths are groups of commands that perform a function. When an input is triggered, a path can
; be called as defined in the [input_states] section. In this way, a particular button can be used
; to trigger a particular function. Paths can also be called internally from with the program.