Sample Programs

Sample Programs



Simple SFX Trigger

Use a button to trigger a sound effect

Attack Robot SFX

Press a button to begin playing a continuous loop of attack robot phrases and
sound effects. Press the same button again to stop.

Blink LED

Blink an LED on and off

LED Fade

Fade an LED in and out

Tick Tock Timer

General purpose timer with "tick-tock" sound effect and "times up" sound effect

Counting to Twelve

Demonstrates using twelve inputs to trigger different sound files. Also demonstrates output function for turning LEDs on and off. Works on its own and with the Arduino Shield.

Fun with Frequency

Demonstrates how to speed up and slow down the audio playback rate within the
program to control the speed and pitch of the audio.

Event Marker Example

Demonstrates how to trigger events in the program directly from markers placed in
an audio file. In this example, the markers are used to turn LEDs on and off in time
with a song.